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I am now being asked more and more for websites that work on iPhones. In most cases these are image based sites, for photographers and designers. SeniorCreative developed a custom template with a simple content management system on the back-end for this purpose. Below you see examples of the system, which makes good use of the swiping motion using the touchscreen on this particular mobile device. I built this system with the thought in mind that it can be re-usable as a cost-effective, templated iPhone friendly system especially for photography folios and is intuitive to work both from a front and back end user perspective.

2011 [ 1 item ]  
Admark Folio Site
viewed 872 times this monthAdmark Folio Site

2010 [ 2 items ]  
Patrick Belford Gardens and Plantscapes
viewed 1092 times this monthPatrick Belford Gardens and Plantscapes
Amanda Fordyce Photography Site
viewed 918 times this monthAmanda Fordyce Photography Site

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