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SeniorCreative builds custom PHP sites which blend a combination of interactive flash components with more non-flash web development techniques. There are some cases where flash is ideal to slot in to a site's interface - for a funky, dynamic navigation bar for example, or something more eye-catching. Nowadays jQuery and other javascript libraries are really strong and can make sites look like flash site but will even run on iPads and iPhones, but there are still times when you just can't beat flash - especially for games. SeniorCreative has its own PHP application structures as well as an extensive backlog of actionscript classes which make it easy to construct flash and database systems can easily talk to each other, in the same way as dynamic web pages normally do...

2011 [ 3 items ]  
SeniorStore E-commerce System
viewed 1203 times this monthSeniorStore E-commerce System
Nootles Site & Online Store
viewed 913 times this monthNootles Site & Online Store
Candana Designs
viewed 1074 times this monthCandana Designs

2010 [ 3 items ]  
Bogan Slogans
viewed 781 times this monthBogan Slogans
Patrick Belford Gardens and Plantscapes
viewed 1092 times this monthPatrick Belford Gardens and Plantscapes
Amanda Fordyce Photography Site
viewed 918 times this monthAmanda Fordyce Photography Site

2009 [ 2 items ]  
viewed 980 times this monthAromaEcoDough
viewed 662 times this monthiSpyStyle...

2006 [ 1 item ]  
Intrepid Maps
viewed 835 times this monthIntrepid Maps

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