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Another of SeniorCreative's dynamic systems is the digital signage software developed for Aeris Solutions. This is a perfect application of my experience with flash, broadcast media, kiosk applications and dynamic content management made with php.

This system was first installed in a Sydney courtroom building but has since evolved further and is now being installed in hotels around Melbourne. The system uses my SeniorCMS running on a local apache server setup, to deliver content to flash screens around the complex wherever it is installed. Its easy to setup the rooms to suit whichever building, add events to show on the screens such as conferences and functions.

There is also the option of multiple foyer screens with arrows pointing specifically to each room. Foyer screens can also show promotional content. The flash screens which display rooms are all templates and are be easily skinned and branded to suit the hotel they are placed in.

There is enormous potential for digital signage within Australia - not just for hotels and conference centres and this is only the beginning for this powerful, flexible piece of software.

2010 [ 1 item ]  
Aeris Concierge Digital Signage
viewed 688 times this monthAeris Concierge Digital Signage

2008 [ 1 item ]  
AFL Clubsongs Selector
viewed 844 times this monthAFL Clubsongs Selector

2006 [ 1 item ]  
MCG Scoreboard
viewed 1225 times this monthMCG Scoreboard

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