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Since an early age I was mad on drawing and cartoons and I always wanted to be a cartoonist as a child. In the early 80's my parents bought us an Acorn Electron and I learned to program a game on it from a magazine called Input. So by the age of 10 I had already started down the path of becoming a Multimedia Developer. At the University of Plymouth, England, I was lucky enough to find a last minute transfer to a course called Medialab Arts (Now Digital Art & Technology) at the School of Computing an requested a changeover from the School of Architecture. Mike Phillips - legendary head of MediaLab took me under his wing and kept on at me being a cyberarchitect. This was in the days where Virtual Reality, VRML was starting to kick off. I owe so much to Medialab Arts because we were taught that design and development can integrate into the one form of digital media - and we were taught to look at this in itself as valid paradigm shift in cultural/art history, extending modernism and then postmodernism. I excelled at this course in the final stages and graduated in 1998 with first class honours and won the BT multimedia designer award at New Designers 1998, London for my final year project simulating journeys through the cities of Prague and Barcelona.

In my first job after graduating, someone senior to me told me that 'I shouldn't try to be a jack of all trades, master of none'. I think I was just trying to be a master of my own unique trade and was mildly offended by this. I have ever since consistently aimed to keep a very high all-round standard covering a diverse skill set. I am sometimes approached by companies who are looking for a designer, or a programmer. The two 'disciplines' are not separate in my mind when I am working. I believe both compliment each other and come together to form the singular unique disciple of being a Multimedia Developer - something which really lends itself to using a program like Flash but is of equal importance in designing an flash application or a DVD interface or building a website. I would say that after 10 years of using multimedia software and tools though I probably now feel more naturally inclined to coding and developing than painting, designing and drawing - but if you look at my folio I am sure you will see that I have my own design style and creative flair.

I have had Senior experience during my career with Interactive TV, Games Programming, DVD Menu Animation, Audiovisual Editing and Broadcast Design, CD-ROM Programming, Video Compression, Photoshop Artwork Retouching, Graphic Design and Illustration, 3D Modelling, and Applications and Systems Design and Development. So - under the guise of 'SeniorCreative' I present you the online folio of most of my favourite pieces of work going back as far as 1997.

I hope you enjoy, are amused or are even inspired by some of my work. If you have any technical questions or work enquiries for me please visit the Contact page, and I will do my best get back to you as soon as possible.

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